Your Hotel, Residence offers self-service laundry facilities for your customers?

    If you have not yet thought of giving this important and increasingly requested service to your customers, we would like to offer you a wonderful opportunity to work together.

    Our company in the market for a long time, with great experience, is pleased to offer you an advantageous system of self-service laundry.

    Just to provide a small room where our company will take care to install a washer and a dryer to Euro to go shopping for hire on loan, which make available to your customers. We are confident that you will find our offer interesting that give prestige to your facility for the service plus a profit margin on the use of our machines.

    Proposal for building, barracks, camping, residences, beach and accommodation in general.

    . Self service laundries – The tourism sector is becoming increasingly important to differentiate themselves and increase their customers, provide more services. One of the services already abroad, the United States to northern Europe, is to provide a laundry area for customers who can use them during the period of stay and family holiday.

    . Retail

    . Rent


    1. Do not worry about finding accommodation for drying clothes at low temperatures;
    2. To solve emergency situations to dry shirts, pants, jackets;
    3. Having the washing dry in 35 \ 40 minutes;
    4. Reduced by 70% ironing time because the fabric has no folds.


    1. Having an income statement from the service giving!
    2. More trust from customers for the quality of the service.

    PROJECT REVENUES Dryer / (machine) with Euro coin

    Amortized the cost of the machine, the value will be quantified in order to cover the cost of energy and any maintenance costs.


    On all machines Maytag 5 years, excluding labor and shipping replacement parts.
    For all other machinery 2/3 years, as per applicable law.

    We remain at your disposal for any clarification or information.

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